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Echo Commands

Postby TylerDurden » Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:19 am

Hi all.

I'm interested in learning more about the echo commands that you run to /dev/ttyS1. For those of you who don't know what the echo commands are, they are simply command line entries that will allow you to modify the LED lights on the front of a DS/RS including playing a short beep or long beep of the unit.

The commands themselves do not hold much value to the generic user but I'm interested in finding more information out about any extra commands that haven't been found yet. The most commonly used ones that you can also find in the Synology Wiki and the German forums are as follows:

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echo 1>/dev/ttyS1 # Immediate power off (not graceful)
echo 2>/dev/ttyS1 # Emit a short beep tone
echo 3>/dev/ttyS1 # Emit a long beep sound
echo 4>/dev/ttyS1 # Power LED on solid blue
echo 5>/dev/ttyS1 # Power LED flashing blue
echo 6>/dev/ttyS1 # Power LED off
echo 7>/dev/ttyS1 # Status LED off
echo 8>/dev/ttyS1 # Status LED on solid green
echo 9>/dev/ttyS1 # Status LED flashing green
echo A>/dev/ttyS1 # USBCopy LED flashing green
echo @>/dev/ttyS1 # USBCopy LED on solid green
echo B>/dev/ttyS1 # USBCopy LED off
echo C>/dev/ttyS1 # Immediate reset (not graceful)
echo :>/dev/ttyS1 # Status LED on solid amber
echo ;>/dev/ttyS1 # Status LED flashing amber

In order to use these commands you'll need to connect via SSH (Secure SHell) using a CLI (Command Line Interface) program such as putty or SecureCRT. Once you have this then you'll need to log in at root level and then you can enter the commands. You can also do multiple echo commands at the same time.

Example 1: Make the Status LED flash green

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echo \9> /dev/ttyS!

Example 2: Have the unit emit a beep and make multiple LED lights flash

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echo \; \3 \A \5> /dev/ttyS1

Example 3: Have all LEDs switch back to solid

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echo \8 \ 4 \B> /dev/ttyS1

I hope this has been useful for someone. I'm currently trying to discover more and their actions but if anyone else can expand further on this, please share.
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