Moving outside of the public album gives 'permission denied'

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Moving outside of the public album gives 'permission denied'

Postby Barberousse » Sun Jan 27, 2008 12:29 pm


When I move a picture from my public album to the outside on my DS207 (2 disks in RAID 1, firmware 518) from my linux Kubuntu box, I have this message:

Code: Select all

guillaume@Damocles:~/nas/photo/Albums publics$ ls ..
Albums privés  Albums publics
guillaume@Damocles:~/nas/photo/Albums publics$ mv GAETAN_2008-01-05_001.JPG ..
mv: ne peut déplacer `GAETAN_2008-01-05_001.JPG' vers `../GAETAN_2008-01-05_001.JPG': Permission non accordée
guillaume@Damocles:~/nas/photo/Albums publics$ ls ..
Albums privés  Albums publics  GAETAN_2008-01-05_001.JPG

("ne peut déplacer" = "can't move" and "Permission non accordée" = "Permission denied" in french).

But indead the picture has been moved to the parent directory.

I don't have any error message when moving from private album or from other directories.

The directory is mounted with CIFS (with unix extension switched to OFF in the DS207): "//nas/photo on /home/guillaume/nas/photo type cifs (rw,mand,nosuid,nodev)".

How can I make this false error message disappear?

Thank you.


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