Stop thumbnail daemon from adding @eadir to all folders

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Stop thumbnail daemon from adding @eadir to all folders

Postby randomname » Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:57 pm

I (automatically) use the Media Indexing Service included with DSM 3.0+ because I use the Audio Station, which I like very much.

A side effect of the Media Indexing Service is that it comes with the 'synomkthumbd'-daemon which adds @eadir folders to every folder in /volume1.

These files are unwanted because I use rsync to sync files to another server and these @eadir folders are also copied by default.

I understand the need for these thumbnail directories to be created, when using the Photo Station. However it would be more logical if the @eadir folder generation would be limited tho those folders that I have explicitly added to the 'Indexed Folder' tab categorized as 'Photo'.

For those of you who are no stranger to shell-access to your server, I used the following command to recursively remove the @eadir folders from the TargetFolder:

Code: Select all

find /volume1/TargetFolder -name '@eaDir' -type d -exec rm -rfvi {} \;

Besides I use the instructions at to disable to thumbnail service.

The workarounds are not permanent, because everytime you install a new DSM, any changes to system files are replaced.

It would by nice if the thumbnail daemon can be taught to behave more logical.
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Re: Stop thumbnail daemon from adding @eadir to all folders

Postby thebalance » Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:07 pm

thanks for this tip, it's driving me up the wall. That said the command I used was

Code: Select all

find /volume1/TargetFolder -name '@eaDir' -type d -exec rm -rfvi "{}" \;

so the same but with speech marks around the filename replacement {} indicator.

Just convert-thumb to kill now an I might have the box under control to the point where it servers up files to users like it's supposed to.

Come on synology get your act together!

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