Restoring hidden music files

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Restoring hidden music files

Unread post by youngcj3 » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:49 pm


I have a DS408 sharing the standard Music, Photo, Video and Documents folders on a Windows network. Having recently told my iTunes to "Keep iTunes media folder organised" and since the Media Folder is simply \\SynologyDS408\music, all 5036 music tracks have now disappeared!!!

The album sub-folders are still shown and just seem to contain the album artwork. I believe the tracks are now just hidden, as Audio Station shows and plays them as does my uPnP media stream device (Sony TV), but when iTunes, Windows Explorer or File Station tries to show them, the folders appear empty (except for the desktop.ini and album artwork files).

It makes no odds whether I sign-in as a user or admin, so I'm guessing that somehow the iTunes organisation(?) has changed the owner of the MP3 files to something that even the admin isn't allowed to see (admin and my user permissions are set to to R/W although most of the other family users are RO). I haven't enabled NFS (yet) as I didn't want to complicate matters - assuming this would make any difference?

The Synology DS408 is running on DSM 2.3-1157, iTunes client is now running on version

Can anyone help me understand and hopefully rectify the problem? - it it involves Telnet access please be gentle/patient as I was never more than a newbie to that even when I dabbled more than 10 years ago, and I would need some hand-holding knowing even how to set-up a connection.

Many thanks


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