Error "file not found" on DSM 320

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Error "file not found" on DSM 320

Unread post by yummyfilms » Thu Mar 22, 2007 6:12 pm

I just wanted to share a bit of information in case anyone out there has had the following problem, which cost me a lot of nerves.
After upgrading to FW .428 I wasn´t able to stream some of my audio files to the D-Link DSM 320. I tried to disable and restart the server as well as reindexing the files - but to no effect. I found out that the problem was that when I was having folders AND loose mp3-files in a subfolder, the DSM320 would list the files but not be able to access them. As a solution I had to create new folders and stuff the files inside to be able to listen to them. Apparently one cannot have single mp3s floating around here and there but has to put them in neat little folders ;-) Funny enough, even though I believe the problem would be on the receiving end, I hadn´t had the problem when I was still using the .426 FW on my DS101j!?!
I wonder when the time will come, when things would just work as you expect them to........


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