Syslog archives missigne - Potential reoccurence of a bug

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Syslog archives missigne - Potential reoccurence of a bug

Unread post by gokky » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:02 pm

I noticed, that archives are missing from archived logs. For example, the logs from my production router (which is quite active one and every 5 minutes there is at least one log entry) archives have been created in vo packages: 2018-09-01_2018-09-05 and 2018-09-07_2018-09-15. Obviously there is a GAP between 2018-09-05 and 2018-09-07.

According to ... 2&t=134641 such bug has been already resolved in version 1.1.2-0124 (2017-12-13).

I reviewed two devices: DS214play (DSM 6.1) and DS1513+ (DSM 6.2). On both devices I found gaps within logs. Both devices are equipped with Log Centre 1.1.6-0135. The newest version (1.1.7-0138 2018-08-29) is not available yet. On both devices, logs are automatically compressed (ZIP-ed).

If you use Log Centre, I kindly ask you to review your archives, whether there are gaps at your servers too. In the mean time I moved archives outside central storage and prepared log generator device to record a log entry every few seconds, to force as fast as possible log archiving.


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