HELP! Data missing!

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HELP! Data missing!

Unread post by jgsyno » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:36 pm

Hello team. looking for help.-. I have a 412+ synology nas. Raid 5. One of my disks failed (#2). I took away wrongly #1 :( (I am color blind) I immediately pulled it back on its place, From that moment 412+ web response is SLOOOOOW it takes minutes to refresh a screen. When I get to the disk management it said the disk #1 had to be recovered? (something like that, my DS was in spanish) I also exchanged the faulty #2 disk with a new one.

And now, I have disk #1 as status "initiated", #3 & 4 as Normal, and #2 as non initiated.

My data is still in disk #1! Is it possible to reinitiate #1 somehow to recover the raid data? It's horrible to navigate since it takes like 15m everytime I open a window in the diskstation.

If I move #1 disk to slot 2, will it recognize it as a previous disk of the RAID?

Thanks in advance!!

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