DS216 tracks don't appear on streaming apps

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DS216 tracks don't appear on streaming apps

Unread post by chap » Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:26 pm

Hi all

I've started getting problems with downloaded tracks, where if I add tracks to an artist on my Music partition on my Synology 216j NAS, I create a 'album' folder within an artist (example 'B-sides), then add some mp3s to it. When I look on either my Naim Uniti Qute streamer, or my Denon AV amp HEOS streaming app, the album folder is not seen. Also, when I try and Add To Library in iTunes (which I f*****g detest), the album folder disappears from the Music partition on the NAS.
Does anyone know what's happening here?It used to work no problem.

thanks in advance


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