Remote Connection (File Station) GDrive->Emby Problem

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Remote Connection (File Station) GDrive->Emby Problem

Unread post by SirPenetrator » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:34 am

Hello Everyone,

Current state:
I set up my GDrive (Google Drive) as a remote connection (File Station) on my Synology in the web app. Google Drive -> -> My Drive
I installed the Emby Server on my Synology and pointed it to my "movie" Directory via the GDrive remote connection: Google Drive -> -> My Drive-> Movies

Caching the movie folder with Emby worked. After the caching was successful I started a movie to test it and it ran without problems.

Forward 6-7 hours I checked all the metadata of the movies and made some edits. After that, I wanted to test the movie again. But when I started the movie (the one I tested after installing Emby) it didn't run. I tested another movie, didn't run too. So I checked the logs of Emby.
I found the following error:

Code: Select all

file:/var/tmp/user/1026/gvfs/google:cloud-id=XXXX.XXXX%40it-XX.XXXX,host=XX-XX.XXXX,user=XXXX.XXXX/My Drive/Movies/2.Guns.German.DL.1080p.BluRay.x264-EXQUiSiTE/exq-2guns-1080p.mkv: No such file or directory
So I went back on my NAS and navigated to the GDrive Remote connection again. The thing I noticed when I clicked on GDrive is it took like 3-5 minutes till I saw the folder structure of the GDrive. After that, I tested the movie again and it runs without problems.

Conclusion / My Thoughts:
My guess is that after a while the GDrive remote connection gets dropped if you don't use it after a while and only gets connected again when you open/access it via the File Station on the Synology again. But shouldn't it be connected all the time? Like when you set up a network drive on windows? Synology is always running and the GDrive too.

What I also noticed:
When I don't use Emby but just try to access the GDrive remote connection via File Station I sometimes have to wait 3-5 minutes until it loads the folder structure. But I don't have a 24h ban on my GDrive since I'm watching series via Plex Cloud (which is also connected to my GDrive)

Why I am using Emby Server & GDrive remote connection:
I want an alternative to the Plex Cloud since they are evaluating if they should continue keeping it or not or whatever. But my DS216play isn't strong enough (and doesn't have the supported processor) to stream any media when I set up the Plex Media Server on the Synology. There is the possible solution of just converting every movie with handbrake so the format is supported and can be streamed with the Plex Media Server installed on Synology. But the problem is; I have 25+ TB on my GDrive and converting everything on there just so the format is supported (good enough) for PMS to stream it from my NAS isn't going to happen.

I'd appreciate any advice and help and thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,

How can I expect an answer if I can't even bump my own post after that long time waiting? I don't think someone magically discovers this post. :|


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