My pages point images to //nas/wordpress/image.jpg instead of //

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My pages point images to //nas/wordpress/image.jpg instead of //

Unread post by ameli0rate » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:32 pm

I've been playing with a site for a while now and never really used it for public viewing. I just found out that all images I upload point to http://nas/wordpress instead of using the actual URL.

That means that anything that doesn't know what "NAS" is (meaning, anything outside of my house) can't see any images.

I see that in the config, my WordPress Address (URL) field shows "http://nas/wordpress", and it's grayed out.

The Site Address (URL) is editable and shows the proper URL.

I suspect that is what causes Wordpress to insert media with a link to http://nas instead.

I'm loath to go in and edit the wp_config.php file willy-nilly, but I understand that my issue should be resolved if I insert these two lines in it;

Is that correct, or should I look elsewhere for a setting to tell my Wordpress install to not use "NAS" for the name?

Also, when I get that name changed, what will I need to go to get all my posts updated to not point to http://NAS but to point to instead?

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