Cannot map drives from non-domain workstations

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Cannot map drives from non-domain workstations

Unread post by ly422 » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:56 am

We have a DS214+ running DSM 6.2-23739, which has been added to an AD domain using WIndows Server 2012 R2.
Most of our workstations are running Windows 10 Pro, and have been added to the domain.
A few workstations are not domain members - some of these are on Windows 10 Home, and some on Pro.
The setup worked well for a long time - users on non-domain workstations ran a batch file with commands like:
net use X: \\<nasname>\share/user:domain\domainusername
Recently users with non-domain workstations have been unable to map drives - they get ""System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied".
They can map drives which are on the WIndows server - just not on the Synology.

We have checked things DNS settings and ability to ping the NAS by name - all seems normal.
We have removed and re-added the NAS to the domain - doesn't help.

Incidentally, Mac clients are having a similar problem.

Any ideas?

I will be away for some time, so I am asking my colleague Sunday to monitor this thread and try any suggestions.



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