a lot of conflict files

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a lot of conflict files

Unread post by MRBULL » Fri May 18, 2018 2:18 am

is there a way we can have a notification if someone is viewing a file same time as you? so if one edits the file it wont create a dummy file or conflict file? like Dropbox as a pop up icon saying this file is currently being viewed . well synology i get no notification at all , "SOMETIMES" and RARELY ill have the orange saying the file is open , but you can only see it if you actually click on the synology icon " where the PAUSE and RESUME sync icon is .. seriously need to have some sort of pop up or notification unless im missing something.
we have a excel file that is not shared , it's being updated a lot and we constantly need to call that person to close the file so other person can make changes, at least having a notification that someone is viewing it would be a start.


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