Error 404 on creation new WP instance

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Error 404 on creation new WP instance

Unread post by bkantique » Thu May 03, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi there

Few month ago I installed an instance of WP manually inside the /web folder (/web/sitedev1) and it's running well.
Today I would like to install a new instance of WP under /web folder but I tried following the same tutorial I used for the first instance and at the moment when I type the url 192.168.1.XX/ I get a 404 error and I don't figure out why
What I did so far is
- create a dedicated folder /sitedev2 under /web folder (in which I transferred via ftp the last version of WP 4.9.5)
- create the wp-config.php with all relevant parameters (database, salt phrases, etc.)
- create a dedicated database sitedev2 with phpmyadmin
- create a second virtual host using Web station ( pointing on folder /web/sitedev and the status is green "normal" currently)
- add to /etc/hosts the line

What did I missed there ?

thanks for your advices


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