Anyone using Elephant Drive? DSM 6 not a fan.

ElephantDrive allows you to backup the data on your Synology NAS device to our secure cloud, enabling fast and affordable separate site protection for your most important files. The ElephantDrive runs natively on NAS devices and is optimized for the Synology DSM platform. In addition to cloud backup for NAS, the service offers built-in archiving, versioning, and file sharing.
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Anyone using Elephant Drive? DSM 6 not a fan.

Unread post by xkelly » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:42 am

This is more of an FYI.

I've been trying out Elephant Drive for a while with DSM5.x. Seems to work alright. But when I went to update to DSM 6, received the message that Elephant Drive had to be uninstalled first as it wasn't compatible with DSM 6. Sent a note to Elephant Drive. They said they are working with Synology to resolve. :|


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