Performance on Low End Devices

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Performance on Low End Devices

Unread post by ThaManIx » Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:00 pm

Hello =D

I own a DS214 , used from my Family and i am thinking about to install a Proxy Server on it.
As far as i have noticed, the Proxy used in the Package is a simple Squid Proxy.

I remember a Rule of Thumb( comming from big Servers ), which says that you need at least 10MB RAM for 1GB Disk Cache.
But a Disk Cache with for example 10 GB ( 100 MB RAM ) doesnt make much sence cause we are 4 People and with aggressive refresh patterns, especialy with the ones who cache by file endings, 10 gb are full pretty fast.

I was thinking about something like 100gb disk space, wich would need 1 GB RAM but the Synology DS214 only has 512 MB of RAM with +- 200MB usable RAM.

Now this are Rules comming from larger Networks, where many People use the Proxy, many People browse different Websites and those Sites arent allways cached in the RAM. But the Sites we browse are not very different,so theoretically the cache should hit pretty often with the content which is allready cached, you dont change your browsing habbits from one day to another.

Would the Performance of a Proxy on such a Low End Device still be ok ?

With 8Mbit DSL and a Latency over 60 most times i could see it speeding things up quiet a bit

Best Greets =D

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