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Live View Analytics

Unread post by vieffe56 » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:21 pm

Who can explain what I need.
In view of the live active analytical history live, but when I press the button analytical history, I find no record that you can play. Someone can explain how it works?

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Re: Live View Analytics

Unread post by dasb » Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:43 pm

Synology have not explained 'Video Analytics' at all well. They have made a number of changes to Surveillance station that have also not been explained and appear to be poorly implemented.

I can explain what I discovered but there are still unanswered questions:

1 Motion Detection no longer exists under 'Management/Camera List/Edit/' (it has been replaced by Batch edit). Motion detection has moved to the 'Management/Camera List/Advanced' menu. (Why they did not move it to the 'Management/Camera List/edit camera' menu is beyond me)

2 Under the same menu ('Management/Camera List/Advanced') we now fine LiveView Analytics. This looks like a more sophisticated motion detection - which Surveillance Station desperately needs! This appears to allows us to set up a detailed detection zone and an object size to be detected (good). Once this is done and [Video Analytics] (button) is switched on in the Live View screen, then motion is recorded and can be reviewed using [Analytics History]. So far so good.... However:
A) How 'LiveView Analytics' interacts with Motion detection recording is not at all clear.
B) When you switch from Live View to Time Line or Management screens, LiveView Analytics is turned off and all LiveView Analytics events are deleted. This makes it all seem utterly pointless.

Considering the extortionately high cost of licences for this software - the poor quality and unexplained implementation of motion detection is appalling. I had hoped this version was getting somewhere but apparently not. Vitamin D (vitamindinc) does it way better and much cheaper, the only downside is you need a PC running all the time.

And by the way my Live View screen constantly freezes, so that I have to keep relaunching Surveillance Station.

Come-on Synology, you really need to get this software up to speed with the rest of your excellent apps.

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Re: Live View Analytics

Unread post by OgeGOon » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:22 pm

Wow, this is a very old post but nothing seems to have change since that time.

I was wondering how to use the Liveview Analytics to start recording after motion detection.
I was actually expecting the records to be found in the Timeline and the "Analytics Types" to be available as "triggers" to start recording instead of the poor basic "Motion Detection".

Live View Analytics
Those free enhancement tools are designed to make surveillance more versatile and precise. Live View Analytics can intelligently track targets and detect suspicious events which will trigger a recording. Each recorded session will be archived for future analysis.
So, I am quite disappointed :(

As said in the previous post, as soon as I leave the Liveview analytics window, the feature is disabled on all the cameras. So it's not recording anymore anything :( (But records are not deleted from the History - with DSM 5.0 - Surveillance Station 6)

The recordings are however only visible in the Analytics history, without all the features I like in the Timeline :(

I can't figure out the interest of Liveview Analytics as a standalone feature?!
Why not a better integration of Liveview Analytics's features, replacing the Analytics History with the Timeline...


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Re: Live View Analytics

Unread post by mpr3 » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:10 am

Can someone please clarify the difference between "Motion Detection" (where large boxes are drawn onto a video in a rather imprecise manner) VS Liveview Analytics (where precise zone editing is possible thru tiny cube detection zones)?

What is the point of Liveview Analytics if you have keep the LiveView window open all the time? (and not just set it and then close the browser window)

What is the point of Liveview Analytics recordings if they are not linked to the Timeline for easy review of events?

Can Synology please just unify these two into a single Motion Detection feature...

Mark Robinson

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