No hibernation with Webalizer running? Problem and solution.

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No hibernation with Webalizer running? Problem and solution.

Unread post by henkg » Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:34 am

No hibernation when Webalizer is running? Problem and solution.

Every now and then Webalizer needs to update its webfiles from a logfile. The default Webalizer setting is every hour, so the disks will wake up every hour.

However, this setting can be changed, but not with DSM. You need terminal access.
Two files should be edited.
- /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
- /var/packages/Webalizer/scripts/start-stop-status

Look for the line starting with echo "13 * * * * *
The first parameter is minutes, the second one is hours. To change updating every hour, replace the second parameter (the asterisk character) with the hour you want (an hour your DS is awake mostly). Parameters must be separated by only tab characters, don't use space characters.

After changing both files, stop and restart Webalizer. Stopping will remove the cronjob from crontab, Restarting will add the job, now with the correct parameters.

- Make a backup copy before modding a file.
- A new DSM firmware / Webalizer install will overwrite the two files, so document your changes and apply them again.
- Modifying only /etc/crontab will work also, but the cronjob in crontab will be overwritten after a Webalizer Stop/Start, or a DSM reboot.
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