No sound when listening to "Radio France"

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No sound when listening to "Radio France"

Postby DenisP » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:29 pm


I have posted my issue in the french forum, but I got no response.

My config : DS409slim + DSM3.2-1944/1955
3 PCs with Windows Seven.

I am using Audio Station with IE9 or Firefox on my PCs to listen to my music, or ShoutCast or RadioIO Internet radios : no problem

But I can't listen to "Radio France" public french radios.
The problem is :
- start reading and no sound at all
- or start reading without any sound, and switch to pause after some seconds

I am using Internet radios "defined by user".
Here is a list of radios not working:
France Inter ... tdebit.mp3
France Info ... ceinfo.mp3
France Inter ... p3-32k.m3u
France Musique ... 3-128k.m3u
France Inter ... ter_hd.m3u
France Musique ... ce-musique
France Musique
France Inter
When I copy one URLs from this list in my Web browser (IE9 or Firefox), It's OK, I get sound !

Here is a list of radios defined by user and working fine (not from "Radio France")
OK Europe 1

Where is the mistake ? I tried to get a solution from this forum, but I didn't succeed.
Anybody having an idea ?

Thanks for your help.

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