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Get File Date & Time

Unread post by martijn » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:50 pm

I want to use the convert (imagemagick) tool to print date & time on images from my webcam. The webcam puts the images via ftp to my DS. There is no EXIF or IPTC info on these files, so I cannot use this function fom convert itself (I can use the exiftool to put some exif info in, but I want to use as less steps as possible)
Problem is that I cannot find a solution to get a file's creation or modification date. There are soltions on the internet with 'date' or 'stat' or 'ls' but those seem not to work on the DS. :?
I created the following bash command:

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echo "some datetime here" | convert *.jpg  -resize 640x480 -font fixed -pointsize 20 -fill blue -annotate +430+460 '@-' *_1.jpg
I hope that some one can help, the idea is that these jpg (one each 5 seconds) will be merged into a mpeg4 with ffmpeg.
All input is welcome!
remark: I can use the DS to pull the images from the camera, then I can use the systems date & time. I do not want this, because I want to use the camera's alarm-function for this.


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