Synology Assistant - inefficient photo upload!

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Synology Assistant - inefficient photo upload!

Postby phillips321 » Sun May 08, 2011 11:10 pm

Hi guys,

First off, before my rant please let me say that this NAS is a top piece of kit. The following is only a minor gripe likely experienced by lots of people in their first few days!

I wont claim to be a guru on the way you've programmed the Photo Uploader within Synology Assistant but it seems awfully inefficient.

The current method seems to process each photo at a time, something like:
Select photo
Create Thumb using convert
Upload photo+thumb using a php script!!!

Note: using the php function of photostation for a batch upload is not good! Whats the need for the file in /photo/@edDir/ASST_PHOTO_UPLOAD_TMP_DIR/ASST_TMP_* ?

Would it not be more efficient to simply batch process the entire collection of photos for processing and then upload the photos to the /photo area and then the thumbnails to where ever they are stored within the filesystem via a proper file transfer protocol (oh wait... isnt that what FTP is for!)

Dont get me wrong, i've only had the DS for 2 days and think it's a great piece of kit, it provides so much more than what other NAS sellers give. I applaud the use of linux, it seems to be implemented well and the system seems pretty secure. (I'll be performing security testing in my own time against my box - anything i find i'll disclose in the correct manner).

Cheers again but please sort this out

(or provide me with more info on the photostation file storage so that i can manually create the thumbnails and upload that way - bash scripting all the way!)
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Re: Synology Assistant - inefficient photo upload!

Postby phillips321 » Mon May 09, 2011 4:19 pm

Ok, scratch that. Found a decent premade linux script pre made for the job.
Credit ruchbach -

On pastebin here: photo_thumbHowTo.txt

Best bet is to run it locally on a fast box and then upload the entire photo dir to NAS and then re-index.

This script does all the thumbnails first and then uploads just like i had originally said yesterday, maybe synology can utilise this script for linux users...

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