Building ipk natively on DS408/508

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Building ipk natively on DS408/508

Unread post by bzhou » Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:46 am

The native toolchain gcc/g++ 3.4.6 + binutils 2.17 + glibc 2.3.4 is now available in optware/syno-e500 feed

Now you can even do some optware development on syno-x07 device. Here are the steps:


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ipkg update
ipkg install optware-devel
2) [optional, but recommended] login as non-root user

3) (you can use any directory, change the following accordingly)

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cd $HOME; svn co optware
cd $HOME/optware; make syno-e500-target
cd $HOME/optware/syno-e500; make directories ipkg-utils

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make hello-dirclean hello-check
now replace hello with other package you want to build.

Please note that most optware packages are cross built. We tried to accommodate both native build and cross build, but there can be some packages that are only buildable in cross compilation environment. Native build is significantly slower than cross build. It's possible to speed up C/C++ packages with distcc.

For ocaml based packages like unison and mldonkey, you'll also need to

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ipkg install ocaml


-Brian Zhou

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