VI - A quick Tutorial

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VI - A quick Tutorial

Unread post by jotrago » Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:59 pm

DS Console CLI Intro, Commands and Locations

The DS implements a subset of the BusyBox Command Shell commands

It provides vi as the text editor

Quick Guide to VI

A brief How To use the VI text editor on a DS

Assuming that the only reason to use VI is to edit System Files, the following is what you need to know

Access DS with your favourite Telnet or SSH Client
I used Putty for this tutorial

login as root with Admin Password

I prefer to CD to the desired directory, then simply work with filename

vi path/file Opens an existing file, or creates "file"
Path must exist
Vi doesn't create directories
Displays the top screenfull of lines
With a status line at the bottom

Key Concept
VI is a "Modal" Editor it is either in :-

Command Mode (By Default)
Typing is interpreted as commands - BE CAREFUL
Typing is interpreted as text to be placed in the file

In Command Mode type I (letter I) to enter Insert mode
In Insert Mode type ESC to Escape to Command mode

If in doubt press ESC twice to ensure you are in command mode

The commands you need
:w newfilename - write (save) the file to newfilename from the command mode
Good way to make a backup BEFORE you start
:wq write and quit
:q! quit without saving

Editing a File
Open your file, hit I for Insert Mode

MOVING AROUND (in insert mode)
Arrow Keys
Page UP Down
HOME - END of line

Type to insert text
Backspace & Delete work

ESC back to command mode

cat filename to check your work

See if you need more detail
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