Hibernation Readme

All questions regarding system hibernation may be placed here. Thanks!
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Hibernation Readme

Unread post by Franklin » Wed Feb 13, 2008 3:59 am

Here is a room for all questions regarding hibernation, this post will cover the most commonly asked questions

1) I can hear my system hibernate the HDDs, but the fan stays on. Why?
The fan will always remain active, even during the hibernating state. Our engineers have experimented with having the fan off and found that the HDD/system motherboard can become overheated. This is why the fan is on about 60% of the nominal speed. The fan will enter "low-speed" mode after one minute the disks enter hibernation mode. When there is disk activity, the fan will return to full power.
*Attempts to disable the fan will result in the system to emit a constant warning beeper, after five minutes of the system not detecting a fan, the system will shut down.
*For the DS106 series, and DS-101g+, the fan will activate if the system temperature exceeds 47C.
*For all RS models, the fans remain at a fixed speed; please also note that the RS is marketed towards markets which will utilize a machine/server room; please consider the CS/DS model if noise is a concern.
*For x08 models, DS107R2 Series (R2 models have solid color Synology Logo Dot on side panel, and a Letter 'E' in the serial number, third character from the left) the fans will remain fixed a lower speed, and will not adjust speeds depending on on system activity.

2) How do I know my system is hibernating? Visually? Log file?
Present in firmware DSM2.1-839 and above, the status LED will be dimmed during drive hibernation.

3) My USB Drives won't hibernate, why?
Not all USB Enclosures can recognize or correctly interpret our commands to hibernate. The command we are using is a standardized command which all HDDs recognize, to begin their sleeping function. However, whether this command can be correctly interpret by the USB Chipset of the enclosure, and then passed on to the HDD is questionable. Please refer to the following link for further information about USB Drives

User Reported Compatible External Enclosures/External HDDs

*Note: Some USB Drives have their own hibernation command built-in to the USB Enclosure. Please try disabling the Synology USB Hibernation to see if the USB Enclosure's Hibernation command will work on it's own.

4) I don't want my USB Flash drive to hibernate, how do I do that?
Go to [Admin Menu] -> [System] -> [Power] -> USB HDD Hibernation -> Set to None

5) Is there a eSATA Hibernation setting?
eSATA Hibernation is held with the internal SATA controller, so adjust the standard HDD Hibernation to your liking.

6) My system isn't hibernating, what can I do?
Disclaimer: Please note that debugging hibernation problems is extensive and requires a lot of time and may involve a lot of frustration. We cannot anticipate every single network packet which is sent from every single computer which can affect our system hibernation abilities, the majority of our customers of their systems hibernating without incident, it's only a small (read...very small) portion of customers who have hibernation dilemmas. These errors usually range from the Synology server was performing system maintenance external accessing of the Synology server, the installation of 3rd party software, or networking software on the user computer pinging the Synology server.
You may always consult with our online support team, the link is in my signature

Basic tests you can perform

Determine that the Synology product can hibernate
Set the hibernation timer to 10 minutes and then disconnect all devices attached to the Synology except for the power cable.

-->Result_A: If the Synology device hibernates fine, then the cause of the hibernation failure is in your network or one of the attached devices to your the Synology product.

--->A1: Peripheral test: Attach each Peripheral back to the Synology device one at a time until you confirm that none of the Peripheral are interfering with the hibernation abilities of the Synology server. Peripherals include (but not limiting to) eSATA HDDs, USB HDDs, USB Speakers, UPS Batteries.

--->A2: Network services, if after determining no peripheral is interfering with the Synology device; then the problem lies within your network; using the same meticulous method, start with making sure that no network services are running on the Synology product. Then enable each service one by one until you find which service is keeping your system from not hibernating. Such examples of services are FTP, Web Station, PhotoStation.
Common causes of FTP keeping the system hibernating, FTP SpamBot Attacks
For the Web/PhotoStation, usually Robots scanning the Synology Server, refer to the following SynologyWiki Article to learn how to prevent Robots from scanning the Synology Server.
How to block search engines from scanning the Synology Server

---->A3: LAN PC Activity, turn on each computer/network device one at a time until you determine which computer/network device is preventing the Synology server from hibernating; after identifying which computer/network device is keeping the Synology device from not hibernating, then identify which software/configuration is interfering with the operation of the Synology Server.

-->Result_B: If the Synology server has all devices removed, and no Ethernet connection, and it still does not hibernate, then the problem could be caused by the following...

b1) The system volume is undergoing repair

b2) The system is currently indexing multimedia files
b3) There is 3rd party software on the Synology device, which is interfering with the hibernation system.
b4) Make sure that there is no network services running on the Synology device

7) Samsung-brand drives have a hibernation compatibility's issue, these drives are not recommended by Synology
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