Diskstation wake up without WOL

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Diskstation wake up without WOL

Unread post by Schelhaas » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:24 pm

After the software upgrade in march I found out, that my diskstation 210+ starting undefined times after normal shutdown. The new software update from April didn't solve that problem. The diskstation is known by myDNS.me, additional the Router (fritz box 7390) has it own DNS registration. I'm forwarding the ports for 443, 80, 5000, 5001, 5005 and 5005 to the diskstation - it worked all the times. If I'm disconnect the diskstation from home network, the diskstation is not starting at all automatically to undefined times (only by operator). Now I saw, that when I switch off the forwarding port 80 to the diskstation, the diskstation is quiet too - and is only starting when the operator switch it on (preferred method). The is no time settings in diskstation configured for automatically start up. Has someone any idea, what I can do to find out, what waking up the diskstation by port 80? I need the port 80 to use the photostation, otherwise I will have no access from outside to show my pictures to someone. :-(

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