Hibernation, spin up, and WOL

All questions regarding system hibernation may be placed here. Thanks!
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Hibernation, spin up, and WOL

Unread post by eTron » Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:19 pm

Hibernation: Is there a command (to send from a networked computer) to tell the DiskStation to hibernate the discs "now"?

When DiskStation is powered, but discs are hibernating, what is the best method (from a networked computer) to tell the DS to spin up the drives? Will sending a WOL packet do this?

Finally, should WOL wake the DiskStation from a full power-down state (with power still connected, of course)? Mine does not do so, even though WOL is enabled according to DSM, and the NAS port on the Ethernet switch shows it to be active. What else can be checked?


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