HDD Standby issue

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HDD Standby issue

Unread post by Obsolet » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:04 pm

Hi Synology Users!

This is my first post here and it is concerning an issue with the HDD Standby functionality. I have a DiskStation 110+ with latest production DSM running.
Since a while I noticed that my HDD is no longer going into Standby as configured after 20 minutes. I also noticed that you can hear HDD access every 20-30 seconds when you're near the case but the HDD activity LED does not flash at all.
I have already re-setup the HDD timers and rebooted the Diskstation but still the HDD is running all the time. I have also enabled the protocols and they do not show any spin-down/up events.

I checked for any running tasks but could not find any. Also from my PCs there is no active auto backup or whatsoever which could trigger the disk access.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for helping!


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