Internal HDD Hibernation

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Internal HDD Hibernation

Unread post by sanuj » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:40 pm


I know this is a repeated issue but this is an issue that is still existing with DSM 6.1-15047 Update 2. My 2 internal IronWolf HDDs are set to hibernate after 20 mins of inactivity. The Synology DS is located in an office environment and is accessed only during office hours: 08.30 - 18:00. Ideally, beyond these working hours, the HDDs must stay hibernated.

But the HDDs keep waking up from hibernation almost every hour for no apparent reason.

No one is locally accessing the DS outside of the above stated office hours (as far as I know). I have disabled quickconnect, external access, VPN, DDNS service. I don't understand what may be causing the HDDs to wake up every few hours.

I'm afraid that this repeated hibernation and waking up will cause damage to the HDDs in the long term.
Is it better to just disable hibernation altogether and keep them on throughout?

I have already conveyed this issue to Synology Support before, but I have not received a solution to this.

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Internal HDD Hibernation

Unread post by Shakow » Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:38 am

I have IronWolfs as well and they sometimes wont hibernate or only hibernate for a short period of time

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Re: Internal HDD Hibernation

Unread post by seagate_surfer » Fri May 05, 2017 4:52 pm

Hi, Sanuj. This is the Seagate Forums Team. The worries you’re having with regard to this issue are very understandable! There are a couple resources you can check out that may be useful for your troubleshooting. Synology Knowledge Base has a section dedicated to issues with hibernation here. Some of the services you mentioned already disabling are on the list of services that may be waking your Synology NAS from hibernation, but there are others on the page which you may want to look over as well. Synology Community Forums also has a Hibernation Room, both this forum itself, and the Hibernation Readme posted here may be helpful to you. The Readme contains some commonly asked questions as well as some basic tests that you can perform. Let us know how this works out!
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