No Live View, Win 7, Any browser, 4 cams

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No Live View, Win 7, Any browser, 4 cams

Postby jdacal » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:17 am

EDIT: Before you read this long post, I should mention that I figured it out after posting. I did not know that new cameras are not automatically added to the default view. After adding them the issue was solved.

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and new to Sysnology. Just purchased a DS1512+ and DX513 with a total of 10 WD Red drives split into two volumes.

I installed yesterday the latest package (I assume it's the latest) of Surveillance Station. I have four cameras and the licenses.

One is an unapproved one a Zmodo night vision wireless camera. This one I was able to set up and does display in Live View. But only if I switch to Full screen view. When I exit full screen view then it is displayed in one of the four camera squares on the screen.

The other three are supported TrendNet cameras the TV-IP312, and TV-IP110. These do not display in Live View.

The software logs in with no problem and can display previews in the management area but they will not show up at all in Live View. EVENTS DO RECORD and can be viewed with no problem.

So my situation is the non-approved camera displays fine, the approved ones do not.

Any suggestions? I installed the latest Java yesterday which didn't help anything. I have tried it with Chrome, IE, and Firefox. IE and Firefox both have the problem were the three cameras don't display. Chrome just keeps asking me to install the Java plug-in even though I did. Just installed Chrome tonight to see if it would work with it, so I haven't really looked to see if I need to enable the plug-in.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, not sure what else to try.

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