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Unread post by rebourn » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:21 am

Hi All,

I purchased a ESCAM G02 and Im trying to get it to work with surveillance station.

The video feed itself works fine, but im not able to control the camera via PTZ.

I copied the config from a post from this forum relating to another ESCAM model and tried to some adjustments but could not get it to work, and im wondering if someone has any suggestions.

The camera is controllable using the mobile app (android) P2PWIFICAM so I know it works, just cant control it from the surveillance station.

Any help would be greatfull.

api = onvif
channel_list = Profile0
default_channel = Profile0
mjpeg = rtsp
h264 = rtsp
single_stream = yes
rtsp_protocol = tcp
default_rtsp_protocol = udp
version_major = 2
version_minor = 0
vendor = eneo
model = QF100
device_entry = /onvif/device_service
media_entry = /onvif/device_service
ptz_entry = /onvif/PTZ
ptz_direction = 8
zoom = continuous
ptz_speed_max = 10
activate_time = 5
default_username = root
default_password = root
quality_max = 100
quality_min = 0
resolutions_mjpeg = 320x240,640x480,1280x720
resolutions_h264 = 320x240,640x480,1280x720
default_resolution_mjpeg = 640x380
default_resolution_h264 = 1280x720
fps_mjpeg_[320x240,640x480,1280x720] = 1,4,8,15,24
fps_h264_[320x240,640x3480,1280x720] = 1,4,8,15,24
default_fps_mjpeg_[320x240] = 8
default_fps_mjpeg_[640x480] = 4
default_fps_h264_[1280x720] = 8
bitrate_control_mjpeg = vbr
bitrate_control_h264 = vbr
default_bitrate_control_mjpeg = vbr
default_bitrate_control_h264 = vbr
default_vbr_quality_mjpeg = 5
default_vbr_quality_h264 = 5

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