PTZ controls

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PTZ controls

Unread post by Vellu » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:06 pm

I have Synology DS713+ and SunEyes SP-P1804SWZ, which has PTZ functions.

The problem is that the PTZ controls do not seem to work at all, or I don't know how to use them.
There are 128 preset positions. I don't know where they are supposed to be pointing or how to use them.
I can't delete them either. If I try, it just will not work.
When I try to add them all to a new patrol instance, that is successful and it brings the play button visible.
When pressing the play, it opens the video feed with a play button there as well. Pressing the play changes the button to stop.
But nothing else happens.

I can find the patrol on DS Cam application on my android phone, but it doesn't seem to do anything there either.
But I noticed that the image on DS Cam gets black every now and then (however not 5 second intervals as I set it on the patrol, maybe 15 seconds or more).

Is it about the SS or the IP camera that the patrol or the preset positions won't work as expected?
I can move the camera using the controls on the camera GUI. Using the controls on DS Cam are working less reliably.
They often work, but quite often don't.

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I'm New!
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Re: PTZ controls

Unread post by dreamer_uk » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:38 am

I cannot find any suneyes cameras on the supported camera list :-
This means that while the video is probably working via either onif or a custom profile, SS doesnt know what the command are that the suneyes needs to PTZ.
The suneyes might be a clone of a camera that synology does support but i couldnt with a quick google find that out.
unless you experiment with cameras that look similar that are supported, you are unlikely to make this work, until Synology do support the camera properly.

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Re: PTZ controls

Unread post by Vellu » Thu Nov 09, 2017 8:11 pm

So you're saying that ONVIF does not support those PTZ controls? Those cameras that I have are defined as ONVIF devices.

I'll try to describe my problem a bit better, since you may have misunderstood my problem. When I referred to PTZ controls, I referred to the application on the bottom of the IP camera window. The pan and tilt controls on preview window and DS cam are working.

Those arrow keys on the "IP camera" preview window work (pan and tilt). Those appear when you place cursor on appropriate place on window.
Zoom button appears from the bottom when you place cursor over it. It doesn't work, but that may be a fault in the camera itself.
Those arrow keys on the DS Cam application on the phone work, but the "+" and "-" buttons don't (again camera Zoom fault is possible).
Those work a bit slowly compared to the manufacturers application, but that's ok.

So when I start the Survaillance station on a browser and add a camera, it finds H.264 video format and G.711 audio format on ONVIF interface.
And preview window shows picture and I'm able to control the pan and tilt.
Now comes the part that I am struggling with:
There are applications on the bottom of the IP camera window: Event detection, PTZ control and Live view Analytics.
Event detection: you can only select "from Survaillance Station" or none. Ok, I guess that's one place where ONVIF devices are not as good as directly supported models.
PTZ control: THIS is the place where I have the problem. There are three tabs here: Preset positions, Patrol and Advanced.

So if I have the preset positions, I can then define the patrol routes right?

1) I can't edit or delete any of those 128 preset positions. When I try to delete it with "-", it tries to delete it, the "saving" is shown on the bottom and "the operation failed", which then disappears quickly.
2) I can't add any more preset positions.
3) When selecting a preset position, it doesn't move the camera anywhere, and it does not give me the option to execute "move to preset position 00". I suppose it should be automatic. Is it? Anyway double click, right click, single click and waiting are not doing anything.
4) Since all the preset positions are not moving the camera anywhere, creating any patrol routes based on them is useless, but I tried it anyway. I just did not get it to work, as expected.

Patrolling might work, if those preset positions actually pointed somewhere...

Are those preset positions stored in the SS, or in the Camera? SS is able to control the camera movement, so it should be able to control the preset positions if they are stored in SS (unless it doesn't know where the camera is pointing).

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Re: PTZ controls

Unread post by comfix » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:36 pm

Same issue here... +1

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