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Manage button greyed out

Unread post by PosterBoy » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:55 am


I upgraded my old DS 207+ to a new DS1512+. I installed the lastest version of DSM (4.2-3202) onto it and installed 4 3 TB WD Red drives. After the initial setup, I used the storage manager to setup a volume in raid 10 mode. I told it to read test the new volume for errors. It happily began doing this. Unfortunately, after a few hours, and before it had completed the full disk test, I had to relocate the NAS. I shut it down and moved it. After I started it back up, it did not resume the test. No problem. I was going to start a read scrub, which I understand is in the Storage Manager, Volume Tab, and hit the manage button with the volume of interest selected. Unfortunately, the manage button is greyed out. Why? Is there a way to restart the initial volume test without deleting the volume and starting over?


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