Need some help with a DS410

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Need some help with a DS410

Postby Azelen » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:14 am

First, the required data:

Synology Model Number: DS410
Firmware Version Number: 4.0-2228
HDD Model Number: WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB
Number of HDDs: 4
Network Bandwidth/MTU: Not sure...
Services enabled: Media Server, Antivirus
Hibernation time: 10 min
External Devices: Nada

My DS410 has worked like a champ for the last few years, up until this killer snafu (which is of course entirely my doing). I recently had the drive in slot 1 crash - full on clicking, grinding, messy death. I pulled it, for RMA, and fired the DS410 up again - the replacement drive was on tomorrow's agenda, and all the irreplaceable data was backed up elsewhere just in case (or so I thought). Besides, a RAID 5 array can run on only three of four disks... right?

Upon restart, it now shows a Degraded Volume 2 (as opposed to the volume 1 there before the disk crash), 3 drives working fine, 2643gb used and 1469gb free. The issue is... my shared folders have vanished. I'm not sure why the volume digit ticked up one or how precisely the shared folders evaporated, but really that's not the concern - how do I get to that data? It reads as still there, I just can't access it without the folder.

Help? Please? All my family pictures are backed up... but I apparently neglected to include our home movies in that archive. I could definitely use some help from folks more knowledgeable than I.

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