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SHR mirroring failure

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:39 pm
by madmat
Good morning.
I had to replace disk 2 in a SHR mirroring on ds211j configuration due to disk failures.
Last week, I finally received my replacement for disk 2 and I tested it and it works fine now.
Unfortunately I recently noticed that the previous disk failure has corrupted data also on disk 1.
What happen, I think, is that since the system was configured as SHR Mirroring files that were unredable on disk 2 were removed also on disk 1.
The result is that I lost thousands of files under a subdir and I am unable to recover them (see this posting: ... 06#p141506).

I find quite useless to have a mirroring where the failing disk compromise data also on the good one.... do you have an explanation?