Configuring RAID 0 in 2-bay NAS - for those programming challenged...

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Configuring RAID 0 in 2-bay NAS - for those programming challenged...

Postby fafanu » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:43 am


I am a home user with some experience using Synology - I have had a DS211 for almost 6 years.

I have just bought a new Synology DS216play with 2 x Seagate Ironwolf HDD 4TB, for the purpose of turning it into a media server. So I wanted a RAID 0 configuration.

The automatic installation configured both HDD in SHR mode (which is basically RAID 1). I re-installed the system, thinking I had missed a custom volume configuration. But I did not.

The following video proved extremely helpful:

However (silly me) - thinking like a windows guy, I was unaware of the option to remove all volumes. Which is obviously necessary in order to create the new raid 0 partition.

So do it like in the videa, but, before: go to "Storage manager" - "Volume" and just click "Remove". You will be prompted to confirm and enter the admin password.

And that's it.

Very simple

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