RESET Button question

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I'm New!
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RESET Button question

Unread post by Nikopol001 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:34 am


I need some advise.

I know if i pressing the reset button about 4 seconds until i am hear a beeping sound, This will restore IP, DNS and passwords for the "admin" account to default value, and reset the "guest" account to the "disabled" status.

But my dsm install 6.1.3 disabled my ADMIN user when i create my own admin account. If the reset button restore the admin user (by default disabled) change nothing...

So the reset button enabling admin account and default password and reset network stuffs or what happening?

Update: One another question... If i have a web server crash Is the reset button auto enable telnet and ssh and let terminal login and try let me to repair? Because for security reason telnet and ssh disabled......



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