Resolve Crashed Volume- try to Repair or Start Over?

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Resolve Crashed Volume- try to Repair or Start Over?

Unread post by thrand1 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:08 pm

System Overview:
2 x 1TB Seagate Barracuda

1) About a week ago, I received notification that the volume was Degraded, and the status LED of Disk 2 turned amber. Files still accessible via Windows Explorer.
2) I ordered 2 x 2TB WD RED replacement drives, and acquired a USB external drive.
3) Started file copy from Synology to USB external drive.
4) Half way through copy, volume status changed to "Crashed". In Storage Manager, Disk 2 does not appear, and the disk slot is now "disabled". Data is still accessible, and I have essentially finished the backup to the USB external hard drive.
5) Only Disk 1 is now visible in Storage Manager, with status of "Crashed", and some I/O errors are being reported in system log. SMART status is Normal. Disk 2 slot still shows as disabled.

How do I proceed forward with this? Some options, please provide your feedback:
A) Shut down the Synology, pull Disk 2 (the one that originally failed), and reboot to see if the status of Disk 1 changes? If anything changes, insert the new WD Red and attempt to repair?
B) Call it "quits" and start over? In order to start over, how do I do that? Some steps I considered: 1) Delete the crashed volume (Volume1) from within DSM; 2) Shut down the Synology; 3) Physically remove both drives; 4) Insert both new WD Reds; 5) Reboot Synology? Can anyone link me to a step by step tutorial?

Is there any point in trying to do Option A, hoping to get to a point where the volume can be repaired?

For option B, if I create a new volume, is there any precaution or concern I should take when copying the data back onto the volume? I had a partition for Time Machine Backups from a Macbook Air, would I need to recreate that partition?

Not sure how to proceed forward, if it is worth it to attempt to repair, or start over "fresh"? If start over fresh, any links to tutorial would be helpful.


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Re: Resolve Crashed Volume- try to Repair or Start Over?

Unread post by BenClay » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:06 am

If you've got a copy and are prepared to start over, why not replace the originally failed disk and see if the system repairs itself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If nothing works, then you can go for option B.
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