Migration Advice / Strategy Requested: DS413j to DS918+

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Migration Advice / Strategy Requested: DS413j to DS918+

Postby FizziksGuy » Thu Dec 07, 2017 2:21 am

Hi Folks,
I'm trying to figure out the best way to migrate from my current DS413j to a DS918+. Primary purpose is a media server, but has a number of side uses as well. Extra RAM as well as a single EVO 250 GB SSD for cache is on its way as well to install in the DS918+.

The current situation: I have four 3TB WD Red hard drives in the DS413j. Total data on the single volume is 3.18 TB out of a total 8.11 TB, so 4.93 TB is available. File system is ext4, RAID type is SHR.

In the new situation, optimally what I'd like to do is just swap over the same hard drives for now, but I don't want to be stuck in a situation later where I'm limited to 16 TB in a single volume (a known concern in going from the DS413j to DS918+). So I can't just follow the standard migration procedure and swap the drives over. I do plan on hitting that 16 TB limit in the future, and would rather deal with it now than later. However, I can't think of a good / efficient / cost effective way of accomplishing this goal.

I understand I could start out with a new volume on the DS918+, but that would require purchasing a couple new hard drives -- which I'm not completely opposed to, but that seems like quite a bit of money I'm spending now for storage I don't need other than to accomplish the data transfer. I don't have access to another hard drive of reasonable size to copy the data to in the interim, so I'm hoping there's a smart way to go about this.

Worst case, long-term I was planning on adding in 8 TB drives to the DS918+. If needed I suppose I could go purchase one of those now, place it in the DS918+, create a new volume, and then copy the data over from the DS413j. Once that's complete, I could wipe 3 of the drives from the DS413j and place in the DS918+ and create a new volume from those three drives. Then on the DS918+ copy the data from the first volume (on the 8 TB drive) to the second volume (on the 3 3TB drives). Finally, erase the 8 TB drive and then add it to the same volume as the three 3-TB drives -- leaving with one single 3 TB drive that's not needed. Seems pretty complicated with lots of room for error and a fairly length migration process.

(the reason I chose the 8 TB drive is it seems like a pretty good bang-for-buck option, and the next HD upgrade or replacement would be a second 8 TB drive).

:?: Has anyone else done something like this? Any good strategies from the experts? I feel like I'm pretty much making this up as I go, and am very open to thoughts and advice from those with expertise and experience in this area! Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!
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I'm New!
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Re: Migration Advice / Strategy Requested: DS413j to DS918+

Postby FizziksGuy » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:44 pm

So here's what I'm thinking so far...

I’ve ordered an 8TB WD Red drive and an USB2/USB3 external enclosure (USB 3.0).

0) Place 8TB drive in external enclosure and format ext4.
1) Connect DS413j and 8 TB external drive using USB (USB 2.0)
2) Using file station, copy all files on the DS413J to the 8 TB external drive. Wait patiently.
3) Backup configuration settings from the DS413j and save that file

4) Power down DS413j
5) Pull all four 3TB drives from DS413j
6) Externally re-format / wipe the 3 TB drives

7) Install three of the 3TB drives in the DS918+
8) Power on and configure DS918+ as a new system using the saved configuration settings file, using SHR
— All three 3TB drives into one large volume.
— Update router with MAC address of new DS918+ so it gets the same internal IP address the DS413j had.
9) Connect DS918+ and 8 TB external drive using USB (USB 3.0).
10) Using file station, copy all files on the 8TB external drive to the DS918+ volume. Wait patiently.
11) Remove 8TB external drive from enclosure and place drive in the fourth slot of the DS918+.
12) Allow DS918+ to add the 8TB drive to the single large SHR volume.

This will leave me with a single 3TB drive from the original set on the DS413j I can put in the external enclosure and use for various purposes around the house.

Did I miss anything important or do anything silly? Thanks!
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Re: Migration Advice / Strategy Requested: DS413j to DS918+

Postby HarryPotter » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:23 pm

6) not needed, can be done on the new device.
Backup & Restore: I wouldnt use FieStation to copy back and forth, better run a HyperBackup task, much more comfortable.
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Re: Migration Advice / Strategy Requested: DS413j to DS918+

Postby FizziksGuy » Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:50 pm

Thanks HarryPotter - I will update my plan accordingly. VERY much appreciate your assistance.

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