Apple OSX 10.7 Lion - Time Machine over wireless connection

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Apple OSX 10.7 Lion - Time Machine over wireless connection

Postby msvarie » Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:18 pm

Hi everybody. I recently updated my MacBook Pro from OSX Snow Leopard to OSX Lion (10.7.3). Since then, my Time Machine backup does not work anymore.

I know you will ask for the details of my configuration... so here they are: a DS211 with two Western Digital HDs (they are included in the HCL) in RAID 1 configuration; the Disk Station is connected to the WiFi router by wire (100 Mbit ethernet connection), while the MacBook connects using a wireless connection (WPA 2 - PSK); the router is a Linksys WAG160n.

However it is important to consider that Time Machine backups worked without any problem until I made the OSX update. I have also tried to update the DS from DSM 3.2 to DSM 4.0, anyway the the problem is still there.

These are the symptoms: when Time Machine starts the backup process, it hangs "Looking for remote disk" or "Preparing backup". After a short while, the wireless connection freezes and it is impossible to reach any other device on the network. To resume wifi connectivity, the only solution I found is to turn WiFi off and on again on the MacBook.

Looking for a solution on the Net, I found an interesting discussion in Apple forums: ... 0&tstart=0 . It looks like there are some undocumented commands in AFP protocols, that are used only by Apple TimeCapsule. Without them the backups with Time Machine are not executed or, worst of all, can become corrupted without warnings.

Has anybody experienced a similar problem? Could you give me some suggestions, please?
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Re: Apple OSX 10.7 Lion - Time Machine over wireless connect

Postby freakytj » Thu Mar 08, 2012 8:06 pm

I unfortunately don't have helpful information yet but I am also scouring the web for answers similar to this. The only difference in my circumstances is I'm all wired, not wireless, but seems Lion is in general having a hard time "seeing" the Time Machine chosen share, and even at times any of the shares for that matter.

I even noticed something that seemed off... in one instance when I could see the Diskstation in servers or browsing the network the Mac was seeing from the Windows network protocol and not Apple's? So I deactivated Windows File Services and it took a reboot for my iMac to recognize it on the network again. Of course now it was being seen from the Mac File Services... but does Lion default to Windows protocol or is this some issue with DSM?

And to think... I upgraded to Lion last night; all was FINE ran flawless until I did that, sigh.
(Also, not trying to highjack the topic, just felt it was similar info, maybe useful for someone to help us!)
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Re: Apple OSX 10.7 Lion - Time Machine over wireless connect

Postby RobertSmith » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:57 pm

I picked up my new Ds 1512+ today. I'm a total n00b on NAS and linux. I'm trying to learn as much as possible but the guide is not unto date (3.2 guide) latest version is DMS 4.0.

I can get Time Machine to work. I'm running 10.7.3.
I'm pretty sure the problem is related to what i can not see a mounted NAS disk in Finder. I can see my two NAS maps (music and and the newly created TimeMachine) in finder but not as mounted a disk and they disappears after of minute later....

I have add add "shared files with mac" in Firewall setting on NAS. And now I'm capable to mount with:
I can't mount with

With my NAS mounted I can run Time Machine :D
pls update guide with some inf. regarding trouble shooting like if NAS is't mounted in Finder d.s
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Re: Apple OSX 10.7 Lion - Time Machine over wireless connect

Postby jltnol » Fri Mar 16, 2012 4:18 am

So guys.... I'm guessing you all have the DS set up correctly for TM. Although you can call a Share Time Machine, and you can use any named share as a TM destination, in the finder you SHOULD see something like this:


In my case, the Synology's name is Media Backup, but please note that in addition to that entry, there is also one called Media Backup (Time Machine). This is enabled in the Mac File Service in the Synology Control Panel. I'm on the latest version of 4.x for the Disk Station, and haven't had an issue with Time Machine.

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