Change "music" folder

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Re: Change "music" folder

Unread post by Grendizer » Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:16 pm

Thanks. So I have to keep these 3 folders. Nevermind, I added my own "Public" folder with its music, pics and videos subfolder, and I used the method described at the beginning of this thread to make my files go in my folder structure. As the method has changed a bit, I updated it, here it is:

¤ Links : , ... ommer-6883 , ... with-admin
¤ Here is the procedure. Credits to the net and blog authors, i just compiled the info from different blogs.
¤ In NAS DSM control pannel > You have to enable ssh login.
¤ Then you can use putty to connect to your device. Install Putty, launch Putty (not the other utilities), and enter the name of the NAS then ENTER.
¤ Enter your admin username , not "root"
¤ Enter password [your admin password]
¤ Type sudo -I then enter
¤ Enter password [your admin password]
¤ navigate to the etc folder. Commands are the same as in DOS!
¤ enter the Vi editor whilst opening a file for editing : vi /etc/rc.local
¤ vi editor is real painful editor
¤ press I to edit
¤ You will enter this kind of syntax : mount --bind /volume1/[Your desired folder path] /volume1/[Pre exisiting folder name]
¤ here are some examples:
mount --bind /volume1/Public/Music /volume1/music
mount --bind /volume1/Public/Pictures /volume1/photo
mount --bind /volume1/Public/Videos /volume1/video
¤ press escape
¤ Save and exit the file by typing :wq!
¤ while you have still your putty session open type reboot and hit Enter.
¤ After the NAS has restarted, check out the indexing process. Pause the conversion process untill indexing is done. Then release the pause.
¤ Check if the Synology app for viewing this type of media (AudioStation , Video Station or Photo Station) can see the content of your own folder structure.

Ok I hope it will be useful to others.
One question remain : in DSM > control panel > indexing service > indexed folder > should I put the pre-existing 3 folders, or my own structure's 3 folders?
So far I have put the pre-existing ones and it works, but I'd like to have other users' opinions. :P

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Re: Change "music" folder

Unread post by sincarne » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:33 pm

y do this? u can index whatever folder you want as music folder
photo folder only one that strict and photo station make u use

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Re: Change "music" folder

Unread post by HarryPotter » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:11 pm

Grendizer wrote:So far I have put the pre-existing ones and it works, but I'd like to have other users' opinions.
As far as I can remember with this superfluous setup you need to start indexing manualy each time you add/remove files, the ywont be recognized automaticcally.
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Re: Change "music" folder

Unread post by rcd » Fri Nov 24, 2017 5:49 pm

HarryPotter wrote:search for "mount --bind" or for symlinks. It has been asked and discussed several times.
I really hate this kind of moderator reply. I searched Google and this thread came up useless. Would it have hurt you to put a link in?

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