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File Tags or Categories

Postby gdsd » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:35 am

There's a lack of support for document organising.
We usually have tons of pdf, doc, xls, and other document files located in a poorly organised directory structure.
We have contracts, invoices and receipts referring to housing, vehicles, supplies, taxes ... we have bank statements ... also personal documents, qualifications, diplomas, certificates, identification cards ... product manuals, books ...

Is there a way to organise all this stuff ?
Synology File Station and Universal Search are good tools but... what about assigning custom tags or categories to files ?

Imagine a multilevel tagging system capable of assigning tags to those files resulting from a contents search.
Imagine this information stored on our MariaDB database.
Imagine a handy user interface to retrieve documents with certain tags.

My question is... how long will I have to continue imagining ?
Does anyone know about an existing solution working on our NAS file system ?

Thanks a lot

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