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File station

Unread post by dakotamar » Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:20 pm

ok so I had loaded photo station on my synology and loaded up all my pictures and all was working good, viewable with DS photo. then i played with file station. added a folder I called documents. but this folder just showed up in the middle of all my photo folders. So I created a folder and called it photo album and put all the picture folders for pictures in it.
now in my tree I have photo with the tubes around it, click on that get my photo album folder. the document folder I created seems to be gone for some reason. when I open DS photo, it no longer sees the pictures, I have to open DS file to see them.

I was hoping that DS file was another 'app' that I could put a doc folder in and put all my document type files in it and not see the photos in DS file.

is this right or making sense?

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Re: File station

Unread post by nukemaster » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:50 pm

It sounds like you made a Documents folder inside of the photo share.

Instead you may want to create a Document share from the web interface.

-This can be done by entering your Diskstation name or ip into a web browser and login.
-Under control panel you will have an option to create a new shared folder(it is under file sharing.)
-Once you are in the Share folders section, you can select Create.

This kind of breaks things up, but it will avoid Photo Station and DSPhoto from seeing documents.
This would leave you with //nas_name/photo and //nas-name/Documents

It may be worth giving it a shot.

You can then move your photos back to the first location you had them in.

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