DS File or FileStation thumnails are large(file size).

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DS File or FileStation thumnails are large(file size).

Unread post by nukemaster » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:50 am


Sorry of this is the wrong place for this question. I searched and did not find anything on this issue.

I have recently installed Photo Station(so I could use DSPhoto) on my 416J to make it more easy to access pictures on mobile devices(DSfile works, but slower and sends larger files than needed). I dumped in a few months of photos and let the nas do its thumbnail thing.

When I tested it out, It all works great(I am sure it will take a while to Index and create thumbnails for all my photos, but that is fine).

Out of interest I logged in to the unit with PuTTY(telnet) to see how large these thumbnails are and was kind of shocked at some of them.

All of the SYNOPHOTO_THUMB_X ones seem to work properly.
The SYNOFILE_THUMB_X ones are much larger files. I copied some over to one of my shares and they are bitmap files with a .jpg extension. In some cases the thumbnail is LARGER than the. To make this worse. some of the medium thumbnails seem to be the full image size.

I am guessing these are generated by DSfile or File Station when running with thumbnails. I have them in shares that are not the PHOTO share.

Any clue if this is normal(bmp files with jpg extension) and how to fix it?

It eats lots of space with a 677k file having 30 megabytes of thumbnails. This set when deleted and regenerated did not take as much space, but still more then it should(no compression on the XL image).


In playing with and removing files to let them regenerate(this may not work well since I think the system may cache some of this in memory), the Preview in File station generates the largest ones. It is kind of strange since not all files are saved as .bmp files with a .jpg extension. It also seems that I have @eaDir directories all over the place(I do not care about them as long as they do not take more space than the files themselves.).

My best guess for now is to avoid using File Station for browsing files(I only do this on some computers). DS File causes the same issues(when opening files).

I still have things to try(hope photo station can be the solution for mobile viewing as long as it generates reasonably sized files).

Files in the /photo directory when indexed by Photo Station seem to generate normal sized thumbnail images. File station will generate small thumbs on my computer and phone if using that directory and sub directories. It looks like the Photo Station ones will be used for everything else. Because I copied folders in DSM, it looks like the larger SYNOFILE thumbnails came along for the ride.

It still would be nice to if this can be controlled. I do not think I want to place ALL of my pictures in photo station and it kind of segregates by file structure to have part of it in each location. symbolic links do not seem to work in Photo Station either(but it does force it to thumbnail). My last option is to move all or mount folders under /photo.

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Re: DS File or FileStation thumnails are large(file size).

Unread post by lgarmendia » Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:05 pm

That may explain why it takes ages to preview images in File Station. It is much quicker to download a full album and open them than previewing just a single picture. This happens from always, and in each and every DiskStations that I've managed.
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