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Copying Terrabytes via File Station

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:17 am
by IEBAcom
I upgraded my DS214 from 1 TB to 6 TB drives.
I did it in a way that maintained the 1 TB of data on the drives.

I want to add 3 TB of content from an external SATA drive.
I have a SATA to USB-3 adapter plugged into the NAS and plugged the SATA cable between them.
The drive shows up fine.
I initiated a "Copy" command in File Station from the external 3 TB drive to a new folder in the NAS.

The drives are banging away.

But is there NO way to see the progression of the copy?
I got an error message, I thought it had errored out and quit, so I told File Station to deleted the one folder it did copy.
And then, on it's own, it has proceeded to continue copying for well over an hour now.

I should be getting pretty good speeds, 100 MBytes/s over USB3, but I cannot find a way to see how far along it is going, get an estimate for the remainder, or any of the normal "copy" progress bits that computer users like me are used to.

I'm half tempted to cancel this (somehow, there's no dialog with a Cancel button!) and connect the 3 TB drive to a computer and do the copy in Windows so I can see a progress bar, current speed, error messages, time till finished, etc. But I didn't want to saturate my LAN with the traffic for hours and hours.

Is there any way to see the status of this process?

Re: Copying Terrabytes via File Station

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:01 pm
by syno.dustin
It shows up in DSM but not if you close the DSM window IIRC. Though, I swear this behavior changed in 6.0 and there's now a bar at the top that stays updated. Are you on DSM6?

Anyways, you're not going to saturate the USB link if you're transferring a lot of files at once. The more files in a transfer the slower it goes. It's better to break transfers into smaller chunks rather than doing it all at once.

Re: Copying Terrabytes via File Station

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:02 pm
by ja666
While copying files you can log-in to your NAS from your computer (Windows Explorer or Total Commander, etc.) and check how many, which files and which size already got copied.
I believe you can also calculate copied directories (folders) size from within DSM browser session.
You may also want to check transfer speed with resource monitor -> performance -> disk/volume (transfer rate in MB/s, IOPS).