Automatic copy from one folder to another on the same NAS

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Re: Automatic copy from one folder to another on the same NAS

Postby Yrk25 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:34 am

I had the same exact need: regularly copy files in the NAS to the DropBox folder on the same NAS.

Here's what worked for me.

- HyperBackup package
- create a new job with the + icon (data backup)
- scroll through the backup icon choices and choose "Local Data Copy" (NOT "Local Shared Folder & External Storage") and continue
- I chose the shared DropBox folder I'd already created as the destination and chose various subfolders as the source.

Initially, I didn't see the "Local Data Copy" icon option and gave up for awhile but looked again and scrolled through the numerous choices and noticed it near the end. It sounded promising and worked.

I scheduled the backup nightly.

I watched the files propagate in DropBox and saw they were normal copies and not buried in a backup archive.

NOTE: First I created a shared folder named "DropBox" then configured the CloudSync package for DropBox to use that shared folder.

DSM 6.1.3....

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