No Hibernation for internal HDD at 101j

Test out the highly anticipated 514/515 firmware, for all x06 models, and the DS-101j
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No Hibernation for internal HDD at 101j

Unread post by elmartino » Mon Nov 05, 2007 10:42 pm

with my DS 101j unfortunatly hibernation is not really working, it hibernates but ALWAYS wakes up after a few seconds.
I am sure my webpage is not that frequentet :-) - I also activated logs in Apache, and I am right. Also I am using the photo station, Web Server, iTunes-Server, Twonki uPNP Server & mounted drive for the Dreambox but I thought after some weeks of running all the indexing etc. should be finished - and no one is requesting any data during the waking up. I have the impression, that with older firmware the DS only woke up, when someone requested data.
Is there a way to log, who wakes up my hard-drive all the time? The hard drive is a SAMSUNG SP1604N. Maybe the Dreambox pings the 101j every few minutes, to see if the mounted drive still exists?

Besides that, all the continuous improvements are absolutely great!!! You see what I am doing with the 101j - and it all works really fine - could be a little faster though :-), but without a fan and just a few Watt of power consumption. Great!


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Unread post by Franklin » Mon Nov 05, 2007 11:38 pm

What I would suggest is that you is perform a process of elimination of identifying which service is keeping your DS from hibernating. Disable all services on your DS, and then add one service at a time. Use that one particular service for a day to observe if the system can hibernate or not. Perform this until you find which service is keeping your server awake and take the appropreiate action for that particular service.
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