PPPoE sharing

Test out the highly anticipated 514/515 firmware, for all x06 models, and the DS-101j
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PPPoE sharing

Unread post by vanmar » Mon Oct 15, 2007 11:06 am

As the newest firmware allow DS can be login ISP for Internet connection and support DDNS. Can it be shared the Internet connection for the other PC/device on the same network?

I have tested that enable Internet sharing on my Windows and trigger my PC to login ISP. Both my PC and my DS-106J can access Internet. But, vice versa doesn't work due to no similar settings on DS. It is very useful for the people who doesn't has router or the router is down (like me at the moment :cry: ) . Due to DS is low power consumption and silent, I will keep it running 7x24 but turn on the PC only when really need it. So Internet sharing connection on DS is more useful than on Windows.


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