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Test out the highly anticipated 514/515 firmware, for all x06 models, and the DS-101j
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Automatic login

Postby koppie » Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:54 pm

I installed the new beta version and it works fine. No errors occured after applying. I love the option to access my backup-HDD through the File Station option.

There's only one minor thing that makes me wonder. In the new interface you can choose in which section you want to login (standard the Management section is selected) which is a great option.

I'am using RoboForm to login automatically and this works fine for the Management section and also for the File Station.
I use it in this way:
Management: ipaddress:5000
File Station: ipaddress:5000/webfm/cgi/login.cgi

The selected page is choosen and the right password is submitted

When I try this for the Audio Station it fails - it will select automatically the Management section (I think because the right page can't be found)

Audio Station: ipaddress:5000/audio/login.cgi
Instead of the Audio Station login the Management section is selected.

Also when I submit this address directly in the browser and click on enter I get the following message:
You have signed in on an another computer. Please log in again.
Why doesn't this work?

I saw a difference when I checked the source of the loginpage.
For the File Station it looks like this
document.form.action = "../webfm/cgi/login.cgi";
For the Audio Station it looks like this
document.form.action = "/audio/login.cgi";

The Photo Station and Web Station are working fine.

Greetz :D

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