stream from DS1512+ to PCH A-110

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stream from DS1512+ to PCH A-110

Postby dsr12 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:05 pm


I am planning to purchase a DS1512+ to replace my DIY WHS,once I copy all of the movies over 2 it. I would then like to stream from the 1512+ to my popcorn hour A-110, the way I do this now is from A-110 network browser, workgroup, server and then videos, in the server I have given the
guest account full access with no password and have no problem streaming. If I go into DS manager
have the same settings with guest account, have the nas join the same workgroup will the PCH be able to see and play my movies, I plan to give the nas a diffrent name.
Please let me know if what I plan to do will work.

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