Setting up NAS to show up on network?

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Re: Setting up NAS to show up on network?

Unread post by BSpielbauer » Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:43 pm

If all of your synology settings are correct, and you are running Win 7, or Win 8 -- it is still possible that you may not see your NAS (or other devices) showing up under Windows Explorer.

Beginning with Win 7, Microsoft changed lots of networking options, including adding "home network" and in the process they changed the way Windows "finds" devices on your network.

And, lots of folks have found that changing anything on the network (on any device -- such as your Synology, or any OTHER device...) can cause Windows to stop seeing ALL your other devices-- -- for no apparent reason.

Example, you rename your Synology -- or perhaps change the name of its workgroup, and it suddenly disappears from your Win 7 or Win 8 explorer under "Network." Or, you install a new switch, and the same thing occurs.

Here is a VERY long thread with some things to try, if it happens to you... I spent four days wrestling with this (I had changed the name of my Synology NAS, and that caused my Win 7 PC to lose sight of 7 devices on my network -- all of which were in the same workgroup.) I finally did resolve it, but what worked for me did NOT work for others, and vice versa.

Here is one (of many) threads discussing this issue, with lots of possible solutions to try... ... kgroup-pcs

Not a Synology issue, but it can happen to anyone running Win 7 or later.

(What worked for me -- was re-booting my INTERNET ROUTER. (!) Even though it seems to have nothing to do with the network connections. It apparently forced Windows to search the entire network all over, and it finally "saw" my seven devices on my network. I also have an unmanaged switch, I re-booted that, to no avail for me, although it worked for some. Some reported that renaming their workgroup, and then naming it back, did the trick. Not for me, though...)

Again, in my case, I knew the Synology settings were okay because it HAD shown up properly, and I made one change to my Synology, and EVERYTHING on my network suddenly disappeared on the Win 7 machine...)

Hope this helps,

- B

Hope this helps someone...

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Re: Setting up NAS to show up on network?

Unread post by telos » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:53 pm

rukbar wrote:An old thread, but I recently had a similar problem which was solved by adding an entry to the hosts file as suggested above - thank you!

C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (open via notepad as admin) SYNO-NAS

Now I can access via \\SYNO-NAS\ShareName\

I owe you a beer!

I'm not sure what happened to my system but suddenly one of my PCs could no longer find my 213j NAS. I installed Synology Assistant and after an initial quibble, it located the 213j. I then mapped a drive out of curiosity, BUT my stubborn PC continued to be stubborn and could not find the mapped drive destination.

I really was flummoxed as the other system worked well and I had turned off my firewall on the misbehaving PC without any improvement

Entering the HOSTS mapping did it (I use fixed IP for the NAS).

Thanks so much, my 3rd party backup system has been sidelined for 2 weeks because it couldn't locate my 213j.

I'm still not sure what the origins of the problem were, but hopefully this has dealt with the issue going forward.

EDIT1: While the HOSTS entry helped give the NAS access I needed, I was still wondering why the NAS never showed up among the networked computers. Entering "net view" on the trouble PC only yielded its own name, but none of the others on my Workgroup. I discovered that NetBIOS had been disabled on the PC that couldn't "see" my 213j. I won't pretend to understand this, but I ran across this idea while prowling for information on the "Computer Browser" function. I hope this helps someone else.

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Re: Setting up NAS to show up on network?

Unread post by JustAnotherSysAdmin » Tue Mar 27, 2018 6:36 pm

just ran across this issue after replacing a relocating a retiring diskstation and moving it offsite as an dedicated offsite backup device. somehow through that process SMB became disabled.

-verify diskstation and PC are on the same subnet as the router (192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x, 192.168.2.x, or whatever subnet your router operates the local network on)
-verify SMB is enabled on diskstation and that workgroup name matches that of the PC
-verify network discovery is enabled on PC (control panel>network and sharing center>advanced share settings)


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