Help transfering data from pc to DS216+11

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Help transfering data from pc to DS216+11

Unread post by MPH48 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:06 pm

How do I connect my windows PC to my DS216+11 and transfers files across.

The reason I bought this device is because my internal 2TB hard drive does not now have enough capacity, and I was recommended to buy the Synology disk station DS216+11 with two Seagate Barracuda 4TB hard drives.

I have setup the Synology DS216+11 using the assistant software and am trying to work out how to best use the device. To my dismay I've discovered that the rear ports are USB2, to my mind its going to take a very long time to transfer data especially photos and videos files. Should I initially transfer these large files files from my pc to the disk station using the front usb3 port? and also when downloading my large 64 GB memory cards from my SLR camera.

Im not sure why I needed a NAS drive especially as my internet speed is quite appalling, I did not fully understand the reasoning behind the recommendation, except that the bonus was that I could access files from anywhere I wished.

My previous solution was to rotate 3 2TB Western bell MY Passport external hard drives continuously backing up data, with one permanently off site, unfortunately they caused some issues, they weren't all identical in content and I think the software that came with them caused many of my blue screen problems.

Its quite confusing to say the least. I simply want a bigger hard drive capacity and back up solution which isn't going to be slower than what had previously, Im not terrible bothered about using the internet to access files as such.

Please can someone help.

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Re: Help transfering data from pc to DS216+11

Unread post by Rusty1281 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:47 pm

1st off you didnt waste your money. This can be done with no problem.

Considering that you have, as you say, initialy setup your nas, next step will be to make a volume where you will create one or more root shared folder (exmp, music, pictures, video, docs, etc...).

Those shared folders will be used to mount them to your PC and then transfer data to and from your PC. For this to work, apart from the steps before, you will need to setup SMB/CIFS protocol on your NAS (Control Panel > File Services).

After that you should see your NAS in your Network section on your PC. If it won't be visible then open up your Windows Explorer (if you are using Windows) and type:

Code: Select all

and hit return.

A window should pop up promting you for a username and password from your NAS user. Type in the credentials and your NAS shared folders that you have created should be visible. Now use copy paste method to start moving your data.

This is one of the solutions how to do this. Give it a go and see if it works for you. Post back with any follow up questions. ... macnfs_win
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